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What does "It takes A Village" really mean?

Well let's define the origin. The origin of "it takes a village to raise a child" has been most noted as an African proverb. This concept means it takes many people "or villagers" if you will... to accept responsibility for the care and concern of the child in the village. You may have heard, seen, this idiom many times and is now turned our nonprofit's philosophy and brand. Because it is true. It drives our mission at TGCN because it is effective in achieving thriving healthy community. Sadly, we have lost the value of this concept, hence it is no longer practiced. When I was growing up everybody was in my business whether asked to be or not. I mean "er'body". From the church to the mailman. We were close. We felt the community extensions. There were less family issues. Family issues were solved with family meetings. So "er'body" got in your business. The fear of big mama and God at work in your heart gave a little pause to many who was tempted to do wrong. Needless to say, we must repair the breach. The traditional village has to be restored. The concept should be used as a primary prevention strategy for many communities especially those who have a large population of custodial grandparents.

The traditional Village provides a safe, healthy environment for children, where children are given the security, they need to develop and flourish, and to be able to realize their hopes and dreams. This requires an environment where children's voices are taken seriously and where multiple people (the “villagers”) including parents, grandparent's siblings, extended family members, neighbors, teachers, professionals, community members and policy makers, care for a child. All these ‘villagers' may provide direct care to the children and/or support the parent in looking after their children. However, the village, today, is dissipated and fragmented and individuals are increasingly isolated and are not eager to ask for, or provide help to, others. Family breakdown, economic pressures, long working hours and increased mobility have all contributed to families feeling less connected to extended family members and others around them.

Simply put "a village is a shared responsibility among many.

Will you help us build again the traditional village?

Choose your level of commitment and stay connected! We are making an impact!

-Glorya Bolden

Founder, TGCN

"It still takes a Village"

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