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Unlocking Your Provision


I believe that everything we need is at our disposal. There are many times that we miss provision because we filter defeats and failures through past experiences with others. I believe every opportunity we are afforded to make an impact for positive changes comes with the provision that we need to see it to completion. We just have to unlock that provision. How is this done? Please see below:

1, Appropriate timing, when you see the need; that's the time to move. The need set the clocks for execution.

2. Timing connects with Opportunity. When you see the opportunity then pursue it. Follow it. See where it goes and where it flows to. It may be connected to a greater opportunity. I agree that every opportunity may not yield fruit until it is cultivated and the motive that brought the opportunity about is exposed. Whether it is good or bad.

3. Opportunity will reveal the correct Connections. Connections are vital. They reveal provision. Provision finances the Vision.

4. Share the Vision. Ask for the provision. When the connection, timing and opportunity comes together the provision is unlocked.

I know you are saying " that all sounds so easy" Actually, it is not always easy. However, that has been my experience time and time again. I have always experienced and seen this pattern in my endeavors. I am not one to back up when I see things working. I have to follow it to see where it goes and flows. I am curious in that way. I believe there is always provision available whether you are a person of faith or not. That provision is available to fund your vision especially if impacting the life of others will contribute to preservation and prevention.

Stay connected to TGCN. We are making an impact. Time, opportunity and connections have all come together. We need your support to reach the 7 million grandparents who are raising their second generation without adequate resources.


Glorya Bolden

"It takes A Village."

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