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Good evening! I am very excited to announce that we have a new live interactive calendar that allows you to enter entries of those whom you would like prayer for. This is not mandatory nor is it an evangelistic tool. However, it is another resource for those of you who feel that prayer is very necessary to do life in the best way you can (that would be me)! I invite you to join me on this journey of not only praying for the benefit of a more effective prayer life but to serve others through your prayers. You may have heard of the cliche "more prayer, more power. Well to a degree it has some validation. The more you pray the more you are empowered in your mind. The more you pray the more spiritual resolve you obtain. The Grandparents and Caregiver community is in need of much resolve even for day-to-day management. I hope this interactive live document will allow you to take the liberty of sharing your requests for prayer. I have posted a couple of requests on the Calendar from me personally. I envisioned having this sheet so full that we have to add more sheets until it becomes a book of remembrance to pass down to our children's children. it is important to leave a legacy of faith for our children and their children.

You may access the link below to start your prayer entries. We have also added a column for testimonies. Please share your testimony so that others may be encouraged.

Stay Connected to the Grandparent's Community Network. We are changing lives that have been unexpectedly changed. We are helping others to heal. Our global outreach will expand until every sector of the community is involved in this worldwide phenomenon.

Blessings to you and yours,

Glorya Bolden. Founder

The Grandparent's Community Network

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