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Is your mental stress making you a hot mess?

When the unexpected appalling things happen to get on the very last nerve we have; emotions can be intense, unmanageable and overwhelming. There are some life’s stressors that can send us into a tail spin. The out of control feelings intensifies our desire to take control so that we can mentally process it. We don’t know how to process it. You can feel the storm on the inside raging. Who can tame a storm? Not me. But I know who can. I know what can. The first thing that I do is turn to that Source of power that is so much Bigger and Stronger than I. I run to my place of Refuge and Safety. When I pray. I am relinquishing my control and my will. If you every tried pushing against something that was pushing against you, the amount of strength needed is often much more than you thought you had but leaves you depleted. In challenging times strength must be preserved for the strategies to engage the battle plan. Preserving my strength helps my mental acuity. The revelation of options that I have becomes apparent. Many times after a good night sleep I have awaken with the answer to the most difficult circumstances instead of talking about it all night, stewing over it and complaining about how unfair it is to me.

Have you considered the wisdom, knowledge and comprehension that you might gain through the challenge? I am able to share my knowledge of this subject now because of the testing of my trials. We are connected in ways that we can not even imagine. There are many experiences ahead of you that will help someone that you have not even met yet at some point in your future. That's a different perspective. That's a healthy perspective. It is true that the outcome is often more favorable if our approach is more positive. We can not just simply transfer our negative emotions from bad experiences to others just because you feel that life handed you a raw deal. This unhealthy response will keep people away that were intended to be a blessing to you, But because you are complaining and stewing over the situation people it is rather unpleasant to fellowship with you. Because quite honestly you are a hot mess because of your mental stress.

So instead of wigging out and losing emotional balance I encourage you to get to a place of peace very quickly. So you are thinking rationally with the best emotional intelligence that you can employ. In most cases it is bigger in your mind than in reality once you are able to process it from a rational perspective. I use to respond to everything with a level of anger. The greater the threat the deeper anger was. When I finally accepted the fact that it changed nothing. But cost everything. My relationships with my children and closest friends were not what I desired and celebrated because of my negative approach. You see the anger was all about being wronged. Perhaps it is justifiable that anger is warranted. After all we are all human. Right? That's right. But my victim mentality was making me a “hot mess”. Although I had a lot to offer the situation, it was lost in translation. My method to the madness and all the drama was not the best that I could offer. Had I just calmed down long enough to change my perspective. I could have made a positive impact on the person who wronged me and everyone else involves.

As a result I have learned to approach some of the worse circumstances with more mental resolve: Nothing stays the same or turns out as we expect. Find out ways you can manage your mental stress without it making you a hot mess! Consider some suggestions below to overcome the fears that we have:

Fear Factor: We don't feel equipped: Research the topic on your situation. Find out what others have done to empower themselves with knowledge and resources.

Fear Factor: We don't know how to express our true feelings. Surround yourself with a person(s) who is practical, logical and not easily rattled, Perhaps they can shift your emotions and the way you see yourself in the situation.

Fear Factor: What is that we really FEAR? Be hones about what you are really fearing. Fear manifest itself in many forms. Participate in the fear. Then draw the conclusion that it has not happened Yet and may not happened because it often does not. But if what you fear does happen. Process how you might approach it before time.

Fear Factor: Be kind to yourself. Life is tough enough without false obligations and guilt of not having the answer or control. You are doing the best you can. Just finds ways to do Better, Be better.

Stay connected for more content like this to encourage you on your journey of life. Whatever your road that you are traveling at the moment we want you to know that It still takes a Village"


Glorya Bolden, Founder

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