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How do you rest from Grief?

Updated: Nov 6

I am sure that you have heard it said, "grief is a journey". Of course, it is. I would agree. Your journey and mine is uniquely different depending on the circumstances. My grief takes different forms as I am grieving the loss of my daughter and her dad. You rest by finding ways to evict the dark emotions that comes to make a home in your mind. They ultimately take over your life and form your new identity. In order to take a break from these grueling tormenting moments you must find ways to express those painful emotions by engaging in something other than your loss. It is exhausting to keep entertaining these annoying rollercoaster moments disguised as friends. Their names are called "should've", "would've" and "could've" but didn't and "If only". Tell them to take a hike.

Embracing the new allows you to live again with some meaning and purpose. But it must be embraced and accepted. Yes, it is true that you will more than likely redesign your life very differently than before because your loved one does not share that time and space any longer. It will be difficult to do as you begin to reposition whatever portions you have left. Let me apologize first that this process is hard to begin and end. However, with as much transparency as I can share the intensity of the grief will lessen because you are now in forward motion rather than locked into a moment that you cannot get out of or perhaps do not want to get out of. Find others that will help negotiate your release and allow you to gain freedom to move forward again. We are one of those resources. We help negotiate your release from the bondage that keeps you in a state of continuous discouragement. We hope you will reach out to our well qualified coaches for support to find the peace you need.

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While you are pondering on what you have just read- Do yourself a favor. Take care of you.

Be Healed and Whole,

Glorya Bolden

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