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An Infusion of Grace

Sometimes it’s easy to throw words around like “Grace” when we talk about God’s help. It can be part of our everyday speech when encouraging each other, as it should be. However, we really should take the time to make sure we catch the magnitude of this little word.

Grace is when you get something you do not deserve. None of us on earth deserve the grace of God on our own merit. We do however, have Grace available because of the completed work of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins.

As grandparents who have taken on a second round of child-rearing you need all the grace you can get. When you choose to take your challenge and weaknesses to God, He showers you with His grace and strength. Picture if you will a transfusion of His grace. A transfusion is an exchange from one strong and willing individual to a weaker and more vulnerable individual. Imagine the life and strength flowing from Christ to you!

In order to not only utilize His grace, but to grow in His grace, we must stay connected to Jesus! He wants to be your everything so that you can be your everything to your grand babies!

God’s grace is sufficient for you!!!

You are loved!


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