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Our Story

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I am Glorya. I am a Worshipper, Mother, Writer, and Litigator. Most importantly, I am a single grandmother- and only one of the millions of grand families living in the United States raising grandchildren. 


On March 11, 2019, my beautiful daughter Tamara passed away. My baby girl had Lupus Nephritis. Her biggest fear was that her babies would be raised in separate households if she did not survive the odds. I wanted to honor her final wish. So, I accepted custody of her babies whom she courageously released into my care -- all 4 of them: Amya, Carlisia (Lee Lee), Alexandria (Alex), and Jacob. From there, we all began an unexpected journey filled with grief, regret, and changes.


Immediately I knew I needed a Village. 

Please visit my blog page for my full story & other inspiring stories. 

To get in touch with me, please send all inquiries to:


I know there are many of you with a story. Let's connect and change how the story ends. Join me on the Forum with experts, special testimonies and other caregivers just like you and me. 

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